Awesome LFE staff!

PTA treated our amazing administrative assistants and resource aides to lunch & a little gift to thank them for all the great things they do for us & our kids!

Our AWARD winning PTA!

Congratulations to our LFE PTA! (1)

Thanks to the officers — Sara Sinks, Jalonna Bowie, Jen Upton, Jennifer Baker, Sheila Haines, Jill Von Fange, Ann Rasterfor & Holly Bond — as well as all the committee chairs for making our PTA GREAT!  PS – rumor has it we were the only chapter in Lee’s Summit to get Blue Seal and one of 2 in the entire state to win Parent Education & Enrichment Award!

Parent Hot Topic

Thank you to our very own LFE parent Dr. French from Children’s Mercy Hospital for speaking at our Parent Hot Topic class last evening.  Both parents & 5th & 6th grade students were in attendance.  Dr French highly recommends the resources from

Meet Loula!


Meet Loula, our very own calf on the Shatto Milk Company farm!  Loula was born January 11, 2019 & we were able to name her by collecting 1000 Shatto Milk caps.  We think Loula is the cutest calf on the farm!

Welcome Back!

HELLO 2019!!

Our amazing hospitality committee put together Welcome Back Snack Bags with kind bars, gum, mints, chocolates and other snack items for our LFE staff & teachers!

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