Reflections Art Winners!

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Reflections Art participants & winners!

Visual Arts- Primary K-2

Lily Howard Primary Visual Arts-HM
Emmy Howard Primary Visual Arts-HM
Julia Morris Primary Visual Arts-HM
Hailey Laudie Primary Visual Arts-3rd
Zachary Castle Primary Visual Arts-2nd
Lorelei Rastorfer Primary Visual Arts-1st

Visual Arts- Intermediate 3-5

Lauren Sinks                 Intermediate       Visual Arts-HM

Natalie Laudie              Intermediate       Visual Arts-HM

Cliff Laudie                   Intermediate       Visual Arts-HM

Ella Miller                      Intermediate       Visual Arts-3rd

Kemper Halferty           Intermediate       Visual Arts-2nd

Clara Kueny                  Intermediate       Visual Arts-1st


Photography- Primary K-2

Liam Cover Primary Photography-2nd
Charlie Miller Primary Photography-1st

Photography- Intermediate 3-5

 Darby Cobb         Intermediate       Photography-HM

Connor Sinks       Intermediate       Photography-HM

Ella Miller            Intermediate       Photography-3rd

Lauren Sinks       Intermediate       Photography-2nd

Kenley Halferty   Intermediate       Photography-1st


Photography- Middle School 6

Hannah Borgstadt        Middle School    Photography-1st


Literature- Intermediate 3-5

 Natalie Laudie    Intermediate       Literature-2nd

Garrison Weller  Intermediate       Literature-1st


 Dance Choreography Primary K-2

Charlie Miller      Primary      Dance-1st


Dance Choreography Intermediate 3-5

Sadie Bowles       Intermediate       Dance-HM

Avery Cover        Intermediate       Dance-3rd

Ella Miller            Intermediate       Dance-2nd

Alyssa Terrono    Intermediate       Dance-1st


Camden Bond     Intermediate      Film Production-1st

 Keaton Bond      Middle School    Film Production-1st


 Levi Borgstadt              Primary               Music Composition -1st

 Clara Kueny                  Intermediate      Music Composition -1st

 Hannah Borgstadt       Middle School    Music Composition -1st

Yahoo Boohoo!


As we welcomed the Kindergarten parents this morning to LFE we had a surprise guest – Dr. Carpenter, our school superintendent!

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