Fundraiser Assembly

All of the students who purchased a Brick during the Brick Fundraiser were entered in a drawing to Silly String a Teacher. Our Silly String Fundraiser Assembly was quite entertaining for everyone! Check out the fun below!

Falloween Parties

PTA hosted our 4th year of Falloween parties in the gym. A HUGE shout out to Erica Miller and Janna Harmon for organizing.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered at the event and all who donated to the fundraiser! Without your support, PTA could not provide activities like this for our students.

Reflections Reception

Congratulations to all our LFE PTA Reflections winners!  All 1st – 3rd entries will be moving on to Missouri state level competition.  Be sure and check out all the artwork by the front office during parent teacher conferences! 

Primary – Visual Arts – Kindergarten – 2nd

Ryan White                 FIRST PLACE

Layla Dickstein            SECOND PLACE

Julia Morris                 THIRD PLACE  

Evelyn Freeman          HONORABLE MENTION

Theodore Freeman     HONORABLE MENTION

Primary – Photography – Kindergarten – 2nd grade

Ryan White                 FIRST PLACE

Jayden Carter-Pye       SECOND PLACE

Intermediate – Visual Arts – 3rd – 5th grade

Evan Quirk                  FIRST PLACE

Eleanor Calkins           SECOND PLACE

Maielle White             THIRD PLACE

Camden Bond             HONORABLE MENTION

Darby Cobb                 HONORABLE MENTION

Drew Dickstein            HONORABLE MENTION

Intermediate – Music Composition – 3rd – 5th grade

Eleanor Steffen           FIRST PLACE

Maielle White             SECOND PLACE

Maielle White             THIRD PLACE

Intermediate –– Literature – 3rd – 5th grade

Maielle White             FIRST PLACE

Intermediate –- Film Production – 3rd – 5th grade

Camden Bond             FIRST PLACE

Lance Dahn                 SECOND PLACE

Intermediate – Photography – 3rd – 5th grade

Levi Borgstadt             FIRST PLACE

Darby Cobb                 SECOND PLACE

Connor Sinks               THIRD PLACE

Hayden Dickstein        HONORABLE MENTION

Intermediate – Dance Choreography – 3rd – 5th grade

Eve Rastorfer              FIRST PLACE

Middle School –- Visual Arts – 6th – 8 th grade

Dorothy Calkins           FIRST PLACE

Lauren Sinks                SECOND PLACE

Middle School – Photography – 6th – 8th grade

Kenley Halferty           FIRST PLACE

Lauren Sinks                SECOND PLACE

Awards Reception

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